For and on behalf of MGTS, I would like to thank the Lord for taking us through this term which was packed with exciting events as well as folding up the year 2019. It was a beautiful year and  we are looking forward to a prosperous 2020.

Our Prize Giving Day was a memorable event. We recognized our learners who did well throughout the term. The support we got from parents was overwhelming. The school greatly appreciates the parents who donated towards this event. We always cherish your unwavering support.

Some of the scenes from the proceedings


We had great moments on our ECD open days. The learners were showcasing developmental appropriate activities they mastered throughout the year. On the same events we also sent off the ECD B learners for formal learning in colorful certification ceremonies. The school released 195 learners from the Marimba, Tynwald and Vic Falls centers.


Once more allow me to acknowledge the efforts made by the parents to ensure our learners were dressed accordingly and paid the fee which is of great importance to our school projects.


The Vic Falls group spent a wonderful day with their seniors from Harare (Grade 7s). It was a wonderful family time. The grade 7`s had a great experience of the famous Boma Dinner , boat cruise and cooling down at the rain forest. Life at MTGS is good. We give a big thank you to our parents for availing our learners this opportunity.

Our grade 5 learners had a great time in Nyanga. 65% of the learners went for this excursion. It was a wonderful moment for the young ones as they had a chance to climb up to the highest point in Zimbabwe. Next year the group is off to the hydro power station – Kariba

The leaders (grade 5 & 6) had their camp at Mazvikadei Resort. They got the coaching for leadership and life skills and also had fun. This is a very important tour to equip the seniors of the coming year and enhancing the leadership skills.

Team building drills

Our 2019 UK tour

It was an astounding success with 30 learners on board. This success is great evidence of sacrifices made by our parents. The trip was an eye opener and a life time experience. Please be advised that the 2020 Tour Registration is on and the fee is 2800 USD which is paid in installments up to June 2020. You are encouraged to enroll children for this life changing educational tour.

The 2019 UK Tour Team


We are excited to announce the grade 7 2019 results. Our learners did well with a pass rate of 94.8%.  As a school we are striving for better results each year. Many thanks to the teachers who worked tirelessly with the learners for such a great achievement. We also give credit to our parents for the support they gave us.  The quality of our results has improved and we will continue to work for even better results next year.


This is yet another mark for us in the MTGS family history. Our first Cambridge check point results are still pending and we expect them by the 12th of December. Kindly check with the school office on the 13th of December   for collection of results.


 Our girl guides had a trip to Dubai and the young ladies had a great experience.

Through these young ladies with the support of parents donated clothes and other goodies to a charity school in Harare and this was well appreciated. Thank you for imparting the spirit of giving to these young leaders.

Social responsibility

The vibrant Art club won several prizes in the Tavatose for the National Art Gallery. We really have talent. Well done to Mrs Sterling for the job well done.

The Artists


Swimming lessons were exciting and the department now has 3 coaches.

Boarding house

Our boarding facilities are improving every moment. Be advised that vacancies are open on a first come first serve basis and they are limited. Please register early to avoid inconveniences.

Hot Lunch Meals

The school offers hot lunch meal service which is optional. Those interested in this service are encouraged to register early because the places are limited too.

Other developments

We installed solar and biogas power alternatives to ensure learners are not inconvenienced by power outages and we ensured health by providing a non-stop water supply through these backups as they kept the boreholes among other utilities up and running.

Our school hall is now at an advanced stage, current economic happenings have somewhat slowed down our progress and we are expecting to complete it by end of term 1 2020.

This term also saw us refurbishing our computer lab, we truly are embracing the 21st century classroom to ensure our learners are exposed to the latest technologies so that they easily blend into this new digital era we are living in.

The school also opened a new campus, in Victoria Falls. We are humbled by the support we have received from all stake holders including the Visionary. MTGS is now national.

 We also added another green house, which gives our learners first-hand experience in Agriculture and it also generates more income for the school which then allows us to fund other school projects smoothly.

2020 upcoming events

Our anticipated trips calendar for 2020 is as follows:

Grade Venue Term  USD equivalent
ECD Kefalos via Pespi 1 15.00
ECD Twala Goromonzi 2 15.00
ECD Imire Marondera 3 15.00
Vic Falls ECD Crocodile Farm, Rain Forest and Boat Cruise 1 15.00
Vic Falls Infant Airport, Rain Forest and Boat Cruise 2 20.00
Grade 1 Airport,and Bengies 1 20.00
Grade 2 Museum and Kingfisher 1 20.00
Grade 3 Great Zimbabwe 2 170.00
Grade 4 Vic Falls 2 350.00
Grade 5 Nyanga 3 170.00
Grade 6 Kariba 2 250.00
Grade 7 TBA 3 TBA
Leadership Mazvikadei 3 100.00
All grades UK tour 2 2 700


All school fees for the term shall be paid in full before the opening of each respective term to allow smooth running of the School operations. Non-payment of fees on time has emotional and psychological effect on our learners. Parents/Guardians are advised that learners will not be able to obtain admission slips from the bursar’s office without full fee clearance.
Kindly take advantage of the school holiday to clear any outstanding payments and settle all fees arrears before school opening. Our offices will be opened until Friday 20th of December 2019 and will be open on Thursday 2nd of January 2020.



Tuition Fees Grade 1-7 12 500
  Fees ECD 6 250
2020 NEW ENROLMENTS Grade 1 (once-off payment) AMOUNT $ ZWL RTGS
Registration fee       250
Desk and Stationery Levy   1 625
Bus Levy   1 625
OPTIONAL 1st come 1st serve AMOUNT $ ZWL RTGS
Boarding Fee   12 500
Transport Fee     2 750
Lunch    1 950

Kindly note that these amounts are subject to change considering the prevailing economic environment. This structure is only applicable up to 31 December 2019.

The school’s banking details are as follows:

                        RTGS ACCOUNT                                                  

            Bank:               CBZ                                                               

            Branch:            Selous

            Account Name:  Mother Touch School

            Account Number: 11123814680015

Contact: 0773569161, 0719596161


School opens 10 January 2020

Wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous happy new year