Opening Third Term Newsletter – Senior School

09 September 2022

Dear Parent/ Guardian

Greetings to you all.

On behalf of Mother Touch Senior School (MTSS), I hope I find you well and we thank God for protecting us all. We would like to thank all parents and guardians for your support in our endeavor to groom each child’s talent, nurture and produce holistic, Great, God fearing Global Leaders.

1. The school timetable

Our school starts at 07:15hrs ending at 15:00hrs from Monday to Thursday. On Friday school ends at 13:00hrs for non-examination learners. The “O” and ‘A’ level candidates will finish at 16:00hrs every day from Monday to Friday.

2. Summer uniform

All learners are expected to put on the correct, complete and clean MTSS summer uniform with a neat hairdo as they come to school daily. We remind parents that our School Uniforms are available at the school. A branded school satchel is compulsory for every learner.

3. Syllabus coverage.
The following are some of the strategies that we are employing to cover up on time lost during Covid 19

and enable us to complete the syllabus: –

  •  Teaching time has been extended to Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30am to 1500 hours for all the candidates.
  •  Online lessons to run concurrently with face to face lessons.

4. Gadgets

Please be advised that learners have been misusing laptops therefore they are no longer allowed to bring them to school.

5. Results

MTSS staff is geared, determined and expects 100% pass rate for the 2022 ‘O’ and ‘A’ level results. The School shall employ some of the following strategies to attain the expected 100% pass rate:

  • The school shall hold three seminars per subject for both “O” and “A’ level candidates and facilitators will be invited.
  • The School shall pay for one seminar and the parents will be requested to pay for the other two seminars.
  •  Monthly tests on covered concepts shall be given as part of the assessment.
  •  Departmental team teaching on integrated topics shall be done.
  •  Resource persons will be invited to assist individual learners encountering challenges on identified topics.
  •  External assessors will be invited to assess the state of preparedness of examination classes in order to identify possible gaps and provide advice on closing the gaps.

6. Continuous Assessment of Learner Activities. (CALA)

Teachers are working on Continuous Assessment of Learner Activity (CALA.). Parents are encouraged to support the learners when doing CALA as it requires a lot of materials and guidance. CALA constitute 30% of the final ZimSec mark. Hence the importance of ensuring that the learners perform well on CALA as it contributes towards obtaining good passes.

7. Examinations.
7.1. Cambridge Examinations
The Cambridge examination timetable is now available. Learners have already been given the timetable.

7.2. Zimsec Examinations

The ZIMSEC examinations timetable is out. The Technical Graphics practical subject is starting on 26 September 2022. All the other examinations will start on 17 October and finish on 29 November 2022. Learners have already been given the timetable.

7.3. End of year Internal Examinations

The internal examinations for the forms 1, 2, 3 and 5 will start on 10 November and end on 25 November 2022

7.4. HEXCO, DELF and Chinese Timetables.

HEXCO, DELF and Chinese timetables are not yet out and will be availed to parents in due course.

8. Events and Activities 8.1. Leadership Training

The selected Prefects for 2023 will undergo leadership training on 24 September 2022. The learners will be requested to pay for the facilitators and the amount will be announced in due course.

8.2. Boys and Girls meeting.

Boys and Girls meetings shall be done fortnightly to enhance learners’ development morally, spiritually, psychologically and socially.

8.3. Speech and Prize Giving Ceremony.
The Speech and Prize giving ceremony will be held on 14 October 2022. Parents are requested to donate in cash and kind or trophies towards the learner’s awards in academic, sport, deportment, most disciplined, the best 2021 “O” and “A” level learners among others.

9. Co-curricular Activities

Learners shall engage in some of the following clubs to enhance learning and essential life skills, Page 2 of 3

Toast Master, Music, French, Chinese, Science, Entrepreneurship, Scouts and financial intelligence just to mention a few.

10. Boarding and Transport Facility

Our excellent boarding and transport facilities are available but with limited places on first come first serve basis. A 20% deposit is needed two weeks before schools’ open.

For all boarding issues call on 0788991914.

11. 2023 Enrolment

Be advised that our Mother Touch Boarding School in Selous will be open in January 2023 and enrolment from form 1 to 6 is in progress.
Harare Senior School will continue to offer form 1 to 6 day schooling.

Familarisation tour for Chegutu boarding House will be done in November 2022 on the date to be announced in due course.

The following requirements are needed on registration: –

  •  Registration fee of US $50
  •  Copy of Birth Certificate
  •  1 passport size photo.
  •  Copy of latest report.
  •  Copy of parent/guardian(s) IDs.
  •  Copy of proof of residence.
  •  Copy of proof of income.

12. Communication

As MTSS, we believe in a 2-way communication which is key to our organizational growth. MTSS communication is through e-mails, website, social media, newsletter and by the word of mouth through the learners at assemblies. Parents are therefore requested to acknowledge receiving newsletters and all other forms of communication.

13. Fees and levies

Parents are advised and encouraged to pay learners’ fees before schools open for every term to enable the smooth running of the school and to provide the necessary resources for operations to produce excellent results always.
In conclusion, let’s work together to encourage and monitor the behavior of our learners at home, academic progress, use of electronic gadgets and the time the learners get home. A disciplined child is easy to teach.

We keep thanking God for his guidance, protection and favor.
Schools are Closing on 1 December 2022.
For further clarification and enquiries call our Administrator/ bursar on 0772 318 890.

Mrs. S. Mabika


For and on behalf of Mother Touch Senior School.

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