Opening Third term Newsletter – Victoria Falls Int School 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian


Welcome to the third and final term of the year. We thank God for the protection during the school holiday. We hope our students had a restful break. The school really appreciates your cooperation in its strides to produce well rounded, grounded and great God fearing global leaders. It is through your continuous support that we will have a smooth sailing with our daily lessons to obtain our intended quality 100% pass rate.

Our staff

We are pleased to welcome back all our dedicated staff.

The school Timetable

Starting time: 7.30am daily and dismissal time for Monday to Thursday: 3pm and Friday :1pm


Our Grade 7 learners have been working diligently preparing for their final exams. We understand these learners are under a lot of pressure and working on borrowed time. We are grateful that we collaborated well with the parents and ensured that 98% of our students attended the vacation school. We are confident the group is now ready to take the exam. The teachers are working tirelessly to polish up any grey areas. We are also pleased to inform you that our grade 7 learners are settling well in Harare and are ready for the challenge.


Public Exam dates

Exam boardDates
ZIMSEC26 September 2022 to 10 October 2022

We wish our candidates well as they prepare for the exams, during the exams and in their future programs.

Internal end of term exam dates

1-8 NOVEMBER 2022

Please take note of the monthly tests dates – 1. 26/09 -30/09

2. 24/10-28/10


December 3 – Time 9am to 11am. (2023 enrolled grade 1 and all new 2023 ECD A&B learners) Learners will be expected to come in the Mother Touch complete uniform.

PRIZE GIVING DAY 7/12/22 (17.30-20.00)

This will be a bigger, better and memorable event as the group of schools celebrates its 25 years in educational excellence since its inception in Marimba, Harare. A lot of activities are lined up for this day. Invitation is open to all as the COVID 19 restrictions have been loosened. However, we will be required to observe proper preventative measures to protect ourselves and others. We are appealing for donations in cash or kind, trophies or any other donations to help us to give as prizes or awards and for requirements to make an event a great success.


DateDress code
30/09Dress like your teacher
28/10Pink day
2/12Party wear

Civies fee is 3USD per learner. Parents are encouraged to ensure learners are in the correct dress code.


a) Local Trip

We will visit the mighty Zambezi, Victoria Falls, Crocodile farm and have an exclusive lunch on the boat cruise. There will be also dinner at Boma for all interested and dinner fee will be announced in due course.

Trip fee – $70
b) Dubai 2023 T.B. A From grade 3

Dates and costs will be availed as soon as registration is opened

c) United Kingdom July 2023 From grade 3

Dates and costs will be availed as soon as registration is opened.

The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod is held every summer since 1947. Llangollen has staged one of the world’s most inspirational cultural festivals. Each year around 4,000 performers and as many as 35,000 visitors converge on this beautiful small Welsh town and its International Pavilion; to sing and dance in a unique combination of competition, performance, and international peace and friendship. Our students will have a chance to experience this.

Sports and Clubs

The main sporting activities on offer this term are swimming and music. We will also continue with our exciting clubs which include Gamming and robotics, Go Green Environment Club, Entrepreneurship, Chess, Art and Design and Marshal Arts. These impart crucial life skills into our students. On that note our school was awarded as the District Eversharp Cleanest School being spear headed by the Environment Club. The Chess Club did very well on the local and district competitions. The Entrepreneurship Club successfully donated some groceries to the Old People’s home.


Transport places are limited and available on first come first served basis. Please contact our admin office for more information.
Dress code
Now that summer is here please ensure learners always put on their hats. Blazers are compulsory on Assembly days. The summer uniforms are available at the school.

Fees and levies

We continue to work diligently to bring out excellent academic and non-academic results for our learners and this can only happen with your support. We would like to thank the parents who diligently paid their fees on time, which enables the school to plan on time.


  • Hwange District Eversharp Cleanest School
  • Swimming pool is ready for this term and should be ready for use on the 3rd of October
  • 2022.
  • We had gold, silver and bronze medalist in local chess competitions.

Cash and swipe payment are accepted at the schools’ front office. For more enquiries kindly call 0774021660 /0719021660 or visit our website: Our e-mail address:

In conclusion, we would like to thank all parents and guardians for choosing Mother Touch Victoria Falls International School and for your continued support to the school’s programs.


R. Hwata (Mrs.)