Dear parents and guardians, on behalf of Mother Touch Senior School (MTSS) it is my sincere hope that I find you all well. Once again, I must update you on the school’s activities of the first term through this newsletter.

Early closure of school

As MTSS, we are greatly concerned about the welfare of our learners in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak. We pray and wish that we all take the right precautions and to keep ourselves, children and the nation safe. We are aware just a bit of the syllabuses was to be covered in the last part of the term. To this end we have put in place strategies to ensure our learners are taken through the last part of their syllabi and are continuously working during the holiday. We have come up with smart strategies to ensure continuous learning.

On closing- We gave each of our learners’ hard copies of question papers that they are going to work on in the first week of the holiday and should be submitted at school on 20 April 2020.
 Google classroom- More work will be given to them in form of soft copies and video lesson clips to ensure they have adequate work to occupy them during their stay at home. All our teachers have already put in place videos that they will broadcast to interact with learners there. A conference lesson will be conducted on Google classroom every Wednesday starting on 29 April 2020 from 9am to 12 noon.
 WhatsApp Broadcasts. Subject teachers have formed WhatsApp broadcast groups where they will send work to learners on weekly basis and the learners will be able to interact with the teacher. Broadcasts have an advantage of teachers sending work to all learners at once, that is broadcasting it to many and able to receive the work directly from individuals.
 Parents are therefore advised to fill in the gaps by dropping learners’ written work once a week [every Monday between 10:00am and 3:00pm] at the school front office so that it can be marked by the teachers and pick up new work prepared by the teachers at the office. All this is meant to occupy our learners so that they do not lose out.

The 21st century teaching

Parents are encouraged to monitor the learners to do their work and post it on the broadcast for the teachers to mark and send back learners work. Therefore, there is great need to buy the students laptops. As a school we have embarked on the 21st century teaching where a child is on the epitome of learning. We have purchased laptops for the teachers and interactive smart boards for the learners. We are encouraging parents to pay 430 USD at the school office for the student ”2 in one Tablet” with the following specifications: –
 Quad Core processer
 Dust Proof
 Crush Proof (70 cm drop)
 Micro USB
 32Gig SD card for extended memory
 Inbuilt E Learning Software’s Parents can buy the laptops and/or tablets from independent sources if it’s cheaper.

Meet the teacher

Meet the teacher was held on 31 January 2020 in the school hall. Let me hasten to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all the parents and the guardians who managed to attend the event. The turnout was so impressive and indicated how much parents cherish the school and the education of our learners. It is always important for all the stakeholders to meet occasionally and share important issues that shape the education of our children.


First term accorded our learners to take in athletics training and finally competitions within the school and beyond. Our dedicated athletes managed to proceed as far as provincial level. Denenga Simbarashe scooped silver medal. Mamudu Ali, Chandahwa Taridzo and Tanaka Siiwa obtained bronze medals.



The school debate club put up a sterling performance when they locked horns with other high schools from around Harare. The provincial competitions were hosted at Kuwadzana 2 High. Two of our debaters namely Wayne Kavayi and Honest Mukawu qualified for National tournament which was supposed to be hosted by Matopo High School in Matabeleland North from 2 to 6 of April 2020 but has been put on halt because of the Covid 19. We want to wish them victory in the upcoming competition when new dates will be announced.

Interact Club

Our Interact Club was invited to take part in Youth Summit on March 7 at Dominican Convent. They mingled and rubbed shoulders with other interactors, Rotaractors and Youth Exchange students from France, Germany, Italy and USA. Above all the Rotary International President Mark Maloney was at this auspicious event and our learners Adelaide Mukanyiwa, Wayne Kavayi, Michael Nyamande, Keith Mutova and Honest Mukawu had the opportunity to interact with him.


The Allied Arts competitions were done in different categories. As a school we contested in solo, marimba band and choir. Tadisa Matema and Rumbidzai Mundeta scooped the first-class award. Tanaka Mhlanga and Natasha Posi both came out second class. The school choir went to Prince Edward on 12 March where they impressed the adjudicators and were awarded an amazing first plus position. Earlier, on 2 March the Marimba Band visited Prince Edward to show off their talent. They fought a good fight and at the end they could not make it to the next level. We would say they lost with dignity. It is beyond reasonable doubt that all these activities are helping to empower and shape our learners’ career paths as each one excels in their own area.

Career expo

The 6th of March 2020 saw the convergence of facilitators and presenters from different organizations at Mother Touch Senior School to enlighten our learners on career choices and expectations. Forewarned is for armed so they say. They also say, ‘catch them young.’ These two proverbial sayings were fulfilled as on this day all our learners from 1 to 6 had an opportunity to interact with the people who have the knowhow regarding the requirements needed for them to pursue careers of their choices. It means our learners were equipped with the necessary information and as they learn today they possess knowledge other learners elsewhere may not have as to what subjects they must pass and what grades to get to pursue various paths. Their learning is no longer done haphazardly but with specific goals in mind. The organizations which graced the occasion included; Chinhoyi University of Technology, Women’s University, Woman Excel, BancABC, Steward Bank, USA Embassy, Radio DJ Scott and Ms Rachel, Musician Mudiwa among others.


On 5 March 2020 the languages department hosted an ‘A’ level literature in English seminar in the school. Schools like Nyahuni Mission and King Solomon Academy visited the school for the battle of wits. The seminar was facilitated by a seasoned and experienced examiner.

Chinhoyi caves tour.

As initially scheduled on the school calendar, the Chinhoyi caves tour was conducted on 21 March 2020. 37 learners from form 3 to form 6 managed to undertake the educational tour. The trip imparted knowledge on the learners concerning Shona heritage, myths, taboos, and historical significance of the caves. The learners also managed to visit the Chinhoyi Provincial Heroes’ acre to further enlighten them on the significance of such historical monuments. As a school we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the parents who supported the learners to make such an important trip successful.

2 nd term trips


The following educational trips to Karimazondo, Kariba, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) will be undertaken on the second term exeat dates 19-21 June 2020. All the cost will cover transport, accommodation, food, activities and other logistics. A lot is to be learnt during these trips, so all parents are urged to make timeous payment for the learners. Karimazondo tour-As MTSS endeavors to produce a well-rounded learner through imparting leadership and life skills, grooming and etiquette, prefects will be selected after this rigorous training which will be testing among other things the learners’ endurance, team work and leadership skills. The cost will be US75 dollars equivalent. Kariba tour- The form 1 and 2 will visit Kariba for the purpose to further inculcate exploration skills as well as exposing learners to the geographical activities at Kariba and the surrounding areas. The cost will be equivalent to US$200. National University of Science and Technology(NUST) and Matopos-As a way of boosting learners knowledge on historical events and science experiments, the form 4 and 6 learners will visit Matopos and NUST in Bulawayo. This will further consolidate learners’ historical knowledge, facts and scientific experience regarding our country. The cost will be US$170 equivalent. Agriculture Lowveld tour- All the Agriculture learners will visit the Lowveld to learn all the activities from sugar production to cattle ranching. The tour will be on 31 July to 2 August 2020 at a cost of US$185 equivalent

International tours

United Kingdom tour (1-13 July 2020)

The tour is meant to give an exposure and an appreciation of the global village to our learners. The tour will be the fifth of its nature and will cost 2700US$ which covers air tickets, visa, accommodation, activities, transport and or flights around the UK and Europe and other logistics. We will advise of the actual dates as we go, and we hope the tour will not be cancelled due to the Global Coronavirus pandemic.

ZIMSEC registration

Registration closed on 27 March 2020. We want to thank the parents for paying on time.

HEXCO registration:

Registration fee for HEXCO is RTGS120 and should be paid by 16 May 2020. Payments should be made directly into the school account.

Next term opening date

Next term’s opening date will be advised according to the Government instruction. Winter uniform As we get into the winter season all boys should wear navy blue trousers and blazers. Girls should wear navy blue slacks and long sleeved white blouses. The blazer is compulsory with the slacks and should be put on at assembly every Monday and Friday.

Fees and levies

We are ever grateful to all parents and guardians who pay fees on time. All fees should be paid before schools open. Our office contact numbers are as follows 0772318890/0733835379/0716305051 or visit our website: Our email address:

In conclusion, we want to thank all parents and guardians for choosing MTSS for the education of their children and for continued support to the school. Let us keep working together for the good of the children. We wish you safety and good health in this era of the Coronavirus. May God protect you, your loved ones, and the nation at large.

Thank you For and on behalf of Mother Touch Senior School

Mrs. S. Mabika