As Mother Touch Senior School [MTSS], it is our belief and hope that we find you well. We are ever grateful for your continued support. We thank God for seeing us through the August holiday. Winter is over and learners are back to their summer uniform. All learners are instructed to dress in the correct uniform all the time. School starts at 0730 hours and ends at 1530 hours. All learners are expected to be home by 1630 hours, unless otherwise there is a program and parents will be advised beforehand.


HOLIDAY LESSONS: We had our August holiday lessons from 26 August 2019 to 6 September 2019. Forty-seven learners out of sixty-seven Ordinary level learners and twenty learners out of the thirty-five Advanced level learners came for the August lessons. We encourage parents to send children for holiday lessons for this platform gives the teachers an opportunity to assist each individual learner in areas lacking.

ZIMBABWE AGRICULTURAL SHOW (ZAS): The show ran from 19 to 24August 2019. This is our fifth year as MTSS exhibiting our services at the show. We thank the parents and some stakeholders who visited our school stand for their encouraging comments and support. We are glad to have new parents joining us after our exhibition at the show.


SPEECH AND PRIZE GIVING DAY: Our Speech and Prize Giving Day and Prefects Inauguration is going to be held on 4 October 2019. It is a very crucial event on our school calendar and we urge all parents to be part of this special day as we celebrate a very successful year and appreciate our learners for working diligently throughout the year. We are appealing to our parents for assistance in cash or kind. Some of the areas we need assistance include decoration, food, catering, staff and learners prizes to list a few, in order to make this day special, memorable and a great success.

DRIVING SCHOOL:Our driving school is back with a bang as our 40 learners who acquired learner’s licences in Term 2 will be undertaking some driving lessons and going for road tests. There is no better empowerment than this and we encourage parents and guardians of learners who are 16 years old and above to embrace this initiative and opportunity. Catching them whilst still in the bud ensures reduction in road traffic accidents. The charges are ZWL$30-00 for full oral lessons course. ZWL$30-00 for 30 minutes driving lesson, ZWL$150 car hire, ZWL$100 for VID booking and ZWL$75 processing fee.A minimum of 25 lessons is needed for a learner to successfully obtain a drivers licence. The driving school is open to all Mother Touch Group of Schools staff, parents and the community at large aspiring to be qualified national drivers.

MID-TERM BREAK: Our mid-term break will be from 18 to 21 October 2019.

PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS: The HEXCO Computer Examinations are starting on 23 September 2019.

ZIMSEC Ordinary Level Examinations are beginning on 7 October while Advanced Level Examinations are commencing on 9 October 2019. All the public exams are expected to end on 22 and 11 November 2019 respectively. Parents are advised to critically check the child’s statements of entry (Exam timetable) remind and work with the child and ensure no learner misses an examination.

INTERNAL END OF YEAR EXAMINATIONS: Our Internal exams for Forms 1, 2, 3 and 5 are going to run from 11 to 22 November 2019.

 UK TRIP: Our Annual UK International Tour is open to all learners in their diversified areas of interests. The tour is a life time experience never to be missed by the learners. The exposure to the international platform gives the learners a broad perspective of the world in which they perceive life in general and help them to develop a wider mind view and gain understanding that the sky is not even the limit.

We are kindly urging parents and / or guardians to start preparing and paying for the 2020 UK Tour. Parents are encouraged to pay a minimum of $25 USD per month up to December or pay once off $200 USD which will serve as a commitment fee and channelled towards flight and accommodation deposit.

SPORTS AND CLUBS: We are proud to announce that one of our handball players Adelaide Mudzindiko was selected into the National team after scooping a gold medal in Gweru in National Youth Games held from 4 to 10 August 2019. Nkosiyapa Mangena scooped a silver medal at the same competitions. We are preparing a team to participate in the Cape Town handball competitions to be held from 30 November 2019 to 2 December 2019. All requirements for the Cape Town Tournament will be advised as soon as our team and logistics are in place. This is not a mean feat for MTSS. We are leaving our footprints wherever we set our feet. God is uplifting us as a school.

THE DEBATE CLUB:It is with so much pride that we celebrate our debate club which is Ghana bound after a very successful debating season. Our debate team is going to represent the nation in Ghana at the Pan African Union Debate Championship from 8 to 16 December 2019. We thank God for such a great success as we spread our wings and name into the continent.An indelible mark is going to be left, no doubt.

SPORTS, ARTS AND LANGUAGE ACADEMY CENTER: As we broaden our horizons and grow and develop into a one stop, well sought after school, MTSS has incubated a vibrant Sports, Arts and Language Academy. This academy which is open to all age groups will be introduced this term during weekends and school holidays. It is going to be a hub of talent identification and perfection; a world class academy which is going to change lives and empower our learners and the community. The MTSS Sports, Arts and Language Academy (SALA) is going to be spearheaded by experienced, versatile, diligent and well qualified local and global personal whose mandate is to produce excellent trainees who will impact their communities and the country at large. We thank God for His Vision and blessing of MTSS.

FEES AND LEVIES: As a school, we strive to continue working diligently to bring out excellent all round results in our learners. However, we need parents’ support to produce the expected excellent results. We expect fees to be paid up before schools open for the smooth running of the school. Non-payment of fees on time has negative, emotional and psychological effects on our learners.

We also thrive to keep our staff members motivated and provided them with the necessary resources to produce the expected excellent results. As a school, we have no other sources of income except the fees and levies.

The school has been making extra effort to maintain the current fees structures, but has also been overtaken by economic prevailing situation.

Given this background MTGS board has introduced the use of Mother Touch Points (MTP),in coming up with outstanding 2019 3rd term fees, for all learners who have not paid or still have balances, as indicated  in the end of Term 2 Newsletter, with effect from 18/09/2019.

A Mother Touch Point (MTP) point is equivalent to the RBZ MID RATE on date of payment. (USD to ZWL Conversion)

For fees structure and mother touch points refer to Annexure “A” attached .The RBZ mid rate can be found at

In case of clarification parents can contact the Bursar’s office to get the rate of the Day before making payments. Also kindly note that the value date for transactions paid through bank transfers is on the day the funds are received by the school and any difference has to be paid accordingly.

Full payments and partial payments made for Term 3 balances will be computed proportionately to the invoice value on date of payment. Parents who have made payments towards fees in full amount will not be affected.

Parents who have made part payments will be subject to the Mother touch point system for the outstanding balances only.

Outstanding Balances

  • No child will be accepted into the classroom without clearing Term 1 and 2 Balances.
  • Parents who have not paid anything towards term 3 will not be admitted without making at least 40% towards the fees.
  • Parents and guardians who have made partial payments will not be admitted into the classroom without an acceptable payment plan approved by the School Head.

With regards to prepayment of fees for 2020:

  • There will be no option to fix fees for 2020
  • The School cannot accept ZWL$ prepayments given the volatility in the prices of goods and services.

Communication with the Bursar

To communicate with the Bursar for Learners Statement, proof of payments kindly use the following email addresses:-

For more enquiries kindly call 0772 318 890/0733 835 379/04 216676 or visit our website:

We are ever grateful to all our parents/guardians who pay fees and levies on time, and make it manageable to plan prepare and assist pursue for excellence  

Our banking account details for fees and levies are as follows: Mother Touch Group of Schools, Banc ABC, Heritage Branch, Account number: 12555355402010 for RTGS$. Swipe and Ecocash payments are accepted at the school front office. Kindly ensure you bring your deposit slip within 3 days for receipting and updating of the learners account.

Please note that the government is charging 2% for every transaction we make therefore there will be a charge of 5% for depositing money into the wrong account. All refunds you initiate will attract a 10% charge.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all parents and guardians for choosing MTSS for the education of our children and for continued support to the school. May God continue blessing the Mother Touch family.

Thank you.

For and on behalf of Mother Touch Senior School 



Senior school  No of Points
Registration Fee                                                       MTP 14
Tuition Fees      MTP 252
Textbook levy Annual MTP 7
Bus Levy   – On Registration                           MTP 91
Optional Services No of Points
Transport MTP 189
Lunch MTP 91
Boarding MTP 560