Dear parents and guardians, On behalf of Mother Touch Group of Schools (MTGS), I hope I find you well. Compliments of the new season. We thank God for 2019.

We are ever grateful to God for taking us this far together in our efforts to holistically educate and develop our children. We welcome all our new and old parents and guardians to (MTGS) family. Our school starts at 0715hrs and end at 1500hrs daily.  Our sports days are Tuesday and Thursday and every child should be in correct sports uniform.



High School “meet the teacher” will be on Friday 25 January 2019 from 0800 hours to 1000 hours. All parents are expected to attend without fail. This is a very important day as parents and guardians will meet with teachers and get to know the school’s expectations.


The High School Inter-house Athletics competitions are going to be held on 8 February 2019. Athletics is compulsory for every learner unless advised otherwise with a letter from a medical doctor as sports are important to the health of the body and mind for success. Parents are encouraged to be part of this important exciting day as we will choose our School team to represent Mother Touch at the District Competitions. All learners are supposed to compete in their school house t-shirts. An Athlete who competes in the wrong house t-shirt will be disqualified.

The house colours are as follows:

Turtle dove     – Gold school t-shirt and sport shorts. 

Eagle                – Navy blue school t-shirt and sport shorts. 

Falcon             – Sky blue school t-shirt and sport shorts.


Midterm break is going to be from Friday 22 to 25 February 2019. School will resume on Tuesday 26 February.


It is compulsory that all learners go for their Leadership and Educational trips as they are part of our school and national curriculum. We take this opportunity to train

our learners in effective life skills, grooming and etiquette among other areas.  The trip fee covers accommodation, food, transport, facilitators, entrance fees and contingence.


Form 1 and 2 learners are going to Victoria Falls for their Leadership and Educational Tour from 31 May to 2 June 2019. The learners will be in Victoria Falls for 2 nights and 3 days.  Parents are advised to pay half down deposit before end of January for planning purposes  and the balance to be paid by end of term in April. The total cost of the trip is $ 750.00 per learner.


Form 3 and Lower 6 learners will tour Mazvikadei from 21 to 24 June 2019. The Trip fee is $450.00.


Form 4 and Upper 6 History and Geography learners are going for their 3 day annual Great Zimbabwe Leadership and Educational tour from 2 to 4 August 2019. The trip includes touring the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Hot Springs in Birchenough Bridge and Vumba Mountains. The trip fee of $600.00 covers accommodation at the Great Zimbabwe Hotel and Holiday Inn Mutare.


 All the agriculture learners will visit the Eastern Highlands for their Agricultural tour from 26 to 29 September 2019. The trip fee is $600.


The school will organize local trips for other subjects to buttress what they have been taught in the classroom. This also enables them to balance their academic with practical experience. These are as follows:-

  • 24 January – Form 1 geography trip to Belvedere Met Department.
  • 31January – Form 1 and 2 Shona Village Trip
  • 26 February-Form 4 and Form 6 Mukuvisi Woodlands Geography Trip
  • 22 March – Form 2 Agricultural trip to Henderson Research Station.
  • 3 April-Form 4 and Form 6 Geography Trip Dema Growth point
  • 5 May-Form 4 and Form 6 Geography Trip to ZFC Msasa
  • 31 May – Form 3 Agricultural trip to Seedco and Prime Seeds
  • 28 June – Form 4 and Form 6 Geography Trip Bindura Mine
  • 28 June – Form 4 Agriculture trip to Gushungo Holdings Mazoe. 
  • 17 September –Form 4 and Form 6 Lake Chivero Geography Trip
  • 27 September – ZBC English Department tour.


The 2019 trip to Europe is going to be held from 28 June to 11 July 2019. The learners will tour London, Wales and other parts of Europe such as Germany and France. Learners who get the opportunity to participate on this International Tour will never be the same. The exposure and international flair that our learners get are very important as they pursue their educational and professional careers. The trip fee is 2700 USD per learner which that covers air ticket, visa, accommodation, insurance, food, activities, transport around UK and Europe and other logistics.


As a school, we endeavour to continue working diligently to bring out the best in our learners. However, we need parents’ support to produce the expected excellent results. We expect fees and levies to have been paid before schools open for first term in January 2019 for the smooth running of our school. Non-payment of fees on time has negative emotional and psychological effect on our learners.

We also thrive to keep our staff members motivated and provide the necessary resources so as to produce the expected EXCELLENT results. As a school, we have no other source of income except the fees and levies. We have revised our fees to $500.00 bond plus 50 USD per term.

We are ever grateful to all our parents and guardians who pay fees and levies on time. Our banking Account details for fees and levies are as following: Mother Touch Group of Schools, Banc ABC, Heritage Branch, and Account Number: 12555355402010 for bond. Swipe and /or ecocash payments are accepted at the school front office. Nostro FCA account (USD) 11123814680025 Mother touch group of schools. For more enquiries kindly call    0772 318 890 / 0733 835 379 / 04 216676 or visit our website: Our e-mail address:


The following members of staff Mrs. Mujati, Mr. Chirurumwa, Mr. Mhlanga, Mr. Chitiyo and Mr. Mutsata resigned from MTGS with effect from 31st December 2018. We wish them well in their endeavours.

On this note, I am glad to advise you that we have engaged vibrant, extremely seasoned and very enthusiastic teachers to replace the outgoing ones and these are:-

 Mr. Manotoma          English department

Mr. Madzamba           History Department

Mr. Nyadare                History Department

Mr. Kutyauripo            Maths

Mrs Mundeta              English department

Mrs Mudzonga            Foreign Language (Chinese)

Mr. Kazembe               Music

Mr. Maira                   Driving Instructor

In conclusion, we want to thank all parents and guardians for choosing Mother Touch High School for the education of our children and for continual support to the school. Let us keep working together for the good of the children. Together we can and will do much.

We wish you a blessed, brighter and better 2019. May God continue blessing us all.

Thank you.

For and on behalf of Mother Touch High School