Dear Parent / Guardian


Mother Touch Group of schools takes the safety of its learners and staff as the highest priority. Extreme alertness and caution have been taken with the regard to the current outbreak of the Corona virus.

Already the school has taken strides in ensuring highest level of hygiene and cleanliness is maintained at all times. We have also taken the following measures to enhance safety of our learners and staff.

  • Intensive lessons have been given and ongoing to the learners and staff on how best they can keep themselves and others safe from the Corona virus.
  • Intensified emphasis on frequent, proper and thorough hand washing.
  • Strict monitoring of learners’ hand wash before meals and after using the bathrooms.
  • Increased our treated running water points to improve on accessibility to learners and staff.
  • Invited health personnel to give awareness to our learners and staff.
  • Displayed as much information about the Corona virus as possible around the school.
  • Availed sanitizers on point of entry at our reception for both staff and visitors
  • Have temporarily suspended all school educational trips and tours and external events until further notice.
  • Sporting activities outside school have been suspended until further notice.

The school invites parents to partner in this worthy effort. Parents are kindly asked to do the following and others.

  • Ensure learners are well kept always.
  • Exercise high level of hygiene.
  • Ensure learner is in good health before leaving home.
  • If any sign of sickness is shown please keep the child away from school and seek treatment immediately. 
  • Learners can carry their own sanitizers too.

Please note that the school will isolate any learners who will show any signs of illness and immediately inform the parents to pick up the unwell child.

The school is also working on our Online learning to assist any learners who might miss lessons because of being unwell.

Wishing all of us a safe and healthy environment. May the Lord keep, protect and bless you. Yours faithfully

R Hwata


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