Dear Parents and Guardians.

On behalf of Mother Touch Group of Schools (MTGS) it is my great belief and hope that I find you well through God’s grace. We thank God for seeing us through the April holiday. We would like to welcome all new parents and guardians to the MTGS family. We look forward to an exciting and busy term. Thank you for your usual unwavering support in all areas.

Past Events

Vacation school

It is our endeavour to ensure that all learners who pass through MTGS get excellent results for success in life, hence the need for them to attend vacation school for individualised learning. We encourage parents and guardians to ensure that all learners attend all vacation schools as it is the opportune time for them to have one on one interactions with their teachers. Our grade 7 learners had a successful vacation school. We would like to thank the parents for supporting this event. Our teachers took advantage of this opportunity and worked diligently to cover the gap with the learners. This will definitely yield quality excellent results.


It is with great grief and sadness to announce that we lost one of our parents Mr Chimutingwiza a grade one parent.

Upcoming events

Cambridge books collection day 

Parents were invited to come and collect Cambridge books on 16 May 2019. All was done well and we thank parents for the co-operation and support.

Grade 1 2020 Assessment (15 June 2019 @9.00am)

Enrolment for 2020 Grade 1 is now in progress. All those interested in enrolling learners please take note of the following: For the learners in ECD B 2018 at Mother Touch Group of Schools if enrolment is done between now and 31May- Registration fee is $20 RTGS. Anytime after the due date the fee will be $50RTGS for both local and external learners. All learners are expected to be in their school uniform.


Term 2 is a ball games season. Games lined up for the term include basket ball, volley ball, hockey, tennis, soccer and netball. Parents are encouraged to support the learners by providing the necessary sporting requirements. Sports attire is compulsory ie sports t-shirt, short, cap, hat, tackies. Sports are on Monday-Wednesday from 1300-1530 hrs. Clubs are done every Thursday from 1300-1530hrs.


Please note that our trip schedule has changed a bit due to unforeseen challenges.

        The trips coming up are:

14-16 June GRD 3 US$170 GREAT ZIMBABWE
21-23 June  GRD 4 US$220 VIC FALLS
1-12 July OPEN TO ALL (ECD, Junior, Senior Schools) US$2700 The UK Tour
26-28 July GRD 6 US$170 KARIBA
31 July ECD Victoria Falls US$15 CROCODILE AND AIRPORT
20-22 September GRD 5 US$160 NYANGA

2020 UK Tour registration now open and all interested parents to ensure deposit of 100USD is paid by August 2019.

Infants’ phonic day (1-2pm, 23 May 2019)

Grade 1 parents, are invited to Infants’ Phonic day to witness the steps taken in the teaching of reading to the young learners. There will be lots of fun as they put up drama and recite poems as a way of enhancing reading skills.

Combined choir (18 June 2019)

This is an exciting event where our learners join other group A schools to form one huge choir. Parents are  invited to come and witness this special annual event. You are also encouraged to support the school during the practice sessions if your child happens to be in the team. Sessions may take longer than given times and parents may be required to collect learners from the practice venues.

Consultation day (20 June 2019)

All parents are invited to attend the consultation day on 20 June 2019 at 1300-1700. This is the platform to provide parents with feedback on learner’s performances, for parents to assist and support the learner from home.

Mid-Term Break. (21-24 June 2019)

Our mid-term break for this year is on 21-24 June 2019. Lessons resume on 25 June.

Civvies Day

Date Theme
31 May 2019 African Attire
28 June 2019 Overcoats
26 July 2019 Tracksuits

Please note that all learners are to pay $3 towards these events. There will be lots of activities on these days. Please ensure that learners come dressed in the given theme.

Term 2 Fees

These have been maintained as follows:

Level  Type of fees USD or Prevailing Bond Rate
ECD A – B Tuition Termly 200 USD
GRADE 1 – 7  Tuition Termly 400  USD
GRADE 1 – 7 Cambridge Termly 35  USD
GRADE 1 – 7 Bus Levy (once off for new registration)  65 USD
GRADE 1 – 7 Desk Levy (once off for new registration)  65 USD
ECD – 7 Registration (once off for new registration) 10 USD
Grade 1-7 Transport on 1st Pay 1st Served 135 USD
Grade 1 – 7 only Lunch  on 1st Pay 1st Served  65 USD
Grade 1 – 7 only  Boarding  on 1st Pay 1st Served 400 USD

Fees paid in RTGS $ will be at that day’s prevailing rate. Hence parents are encouraged to check for the daily rate before making RTGS payments. Please note that once you make an RTGS at the bank, you have to bring the proof of payment to school within 3 days so that we may issue you with a receipt and update learner’s account. Also note that a deposit into the wrong account will attract 10% surcharge while a refund initiated by you attracts 10% surcharge and admin fee.

You may pay your fees at school or deposit into our CBZ accounts below.

Nostro Account                                                                                                       RTGS Account


Please be advised that MTGS offers a rich and wide curriculum for the excellent learning and development of learners. Therefore kindly note that Cambridge just like ZIMSEC, is a compulsory curriculum and runs from stage 1 to stage 6, equivalent of grade 1 to grade 6.  Subjects offered are English, Maths and Science. The learners write their final exam or Checkpoint, at stage 6. Stage 6 is in grade 6. USD $35,00 per term covers the cost of text books, registration, all teachers training and any other requirements. 2019 grade 6 learners are our pioneers for Cambridge.

Cambridge curriculum is taught to all children to complement ZIMSEC for excellent results. However Cambridge books and Checkpoint exams are for those who would have paid for their dues. All lost time due to delayed books delivery has been planned to be catered for and covered before end of term.

Home work

All learners from grade 1 to 7 are given quality homework daily. Class teachers will send you the homework timetable in communication books.  Parents are encouraged to supervise the learners’ home assignments diligently to ensure the teachers’ efforts are complemented and fruitful.


Learner’s will sit for mid-term exams on the 14-19 June and end of term exams on 18-25 July 2019.

Winter term

We have begun the winter term. Learners should put on their winter uniform which comprises navy blue slacks, long sleeved shirts and white ankle socks for girls. Boys should put on navy blue trousers, long sleeved shirts and navy-blue knee length stockings. Winter jerseys and floppy hats apply to both. As usual, they all come in their track suits on Wednesdays. Please note that winter uniform is compulsory and should always be neatly dressed all the time. Uniforms are available at school.

Our Contact Details

Phone Numbers:     0773 596 161, 0719 596 161, 0712 800 158 and 0732 596 161



Please be advised that Mr Pamire is on leave until further notice and all Head  issues should be addressed to Mrs Hwata.

The school wishes all of us a wonderful term. 

R. Hwata

Deputy Head

Mother Touch Junior School