Junior School End of term 2 2019 Newsletter

We thank God for a wonderful term 2 of 2019 and are looking forward to a peaceful break for our young learners this holiday. Thank you for your unwavering support throughout the term ensuring our learners were well looked after. The school greatly appreciates your support in all the events that were lined up for this term, despite the challenging times we are going through. Here are our second term milestones.


The event had an overwhelming attendance of a 98% turn out. This for sure will add value in our teaching and learning process. The combined effort will definitely yield positive results. Keep up the positive spirit parents. We truly appreciate your commitment, we understand you have busy schedules, but taking time to come and interact with your child’s teacher and school officials was truly commendable. Parent involvement is the key to child growth and development in all aspects.


Mother Touch Junior Golfers

The school has widened its sporting curriculum by introducing the elite sport of Golf. Apart from the lovely mini golf course, the school has also groomed a strong team of young golfers who had a feel of the large course and also had a day well spent mingling with seasoned Golfers on our 2019 Golf Day held at the Royal Harare Golf course. We wish to thank all parents for the support. Allow me also to mention special thanks to Mr and Mrs Sekeso who spent the whole day with the team supporting the young ones. Be advised that more tournaments are lined up for 2020.


Our boys did their best at the Educationist Primary Schools Association (EPSA) Basket-ball festival that was held at St Martins. We thank all the parents who came out in their numbers to support the team.


The group had a striking show case when they joined the other schools for the “combined choir” at Hartman House. You went extra miles as the trainings took much of your efforts and extra time to enable this wonderful performance. We would like to thank Mr Kazembe and team for the job well-done.


By God’s grace all our trips were successful despite the harsh economic environment you still sacrificed for our learners to go out there, learn, enjoy and be independent for even up to 3 days.

The school however, apologises for the grade 4 trip to Victoria Falls that had to be on road for both ways instead of flying one way.  This was due to sudden changes and hikes in commodities, we sincerely apologise for the inconveniences caused. However, our young ones enjoyed the trip and it was very fruitful.

The grade 3s went to Great Zimbabwe and also had a wonderful time at the monuments. The grade six classes had an exciting and successful trip to Kariba. They had the chance to observe the low water levels in Kariba dam that has resulted in the current heavy load shading and now knowledgeable of some current issues.


Nations’ Parade Day – Marching in the streets of Wales.
The team on the 1000m2 stage with over 40 000 audience from across the world

Glory be to God for such an exciting and successful tour. The 2019 team once again went all the way to Wales for the Annual Llangollen Eisteddfod musical Festival. As a way to fundraise for this event the school hosted a dinner that was well supported by our parents and the co-operate world. The funds were very helpful in making our learners comfortable and happy in the UK.

The team had a warm welcome from the Ambassador, parents and relatives staying in the UK. They scooped third position in the Folk Dance and second position in the Cultural Show Case, competing with well-seasoned music and dance groups. Apart from participating in the Festival, the team had the chance to mix, mingle and make friends with people from all over the globe. We wish to thank all our parents for hosting us with a warm welcome dinner back in Zimbabwe. That was wonderful of them and truly we are grateful for all the sacrifices.

We are looking forward for an even better 2020 International tour, registration has already started with about 20 learners already on board. Those willing to register learners for this trip please visit, call the school or contact the class teachers. To register for 2020 UK Tour, parents should pay 25USD every month up to December or 200 USD by end of December 2019.


We have such a vibrant club that has taken our girls places. The team visited South Africa and the local Lake Chivero Camp. The young ladies are being groomed well. They are growing and developing to be ladies. The ladies will be off to Dubai this holiday.


We may have had one who was puzzled how we manage to make the little ones read and write. This opportunity was given to our grade 1 parents when they came in their numbers (96%) to witness the grade 1 phonic day. All classes displayed splendid activities show casing how they learn to read.


This year we have two public exams taking place in September and October 2019. The pioneer Cambridge class is taking up our first check point.


Holiday lessons are starting on 14 August to 30 August 2019. Lessons are for grade 6 and 7 only. Lessons will be running from 0800 hours to 1300hours daily, except Saturday and Sunday. All learners should attend and be in their correct and complete school uniforms.

The learners are required to pay ZWL 200 for the holiday lessons to cushion our staff especially on transport. It is very crucial and compulsory that all learners attend so that the teachers can assist them in the areas they are lacking and prepare them for their final Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) and Cambridge check point. ZIMSEC examinations are from 23 September to 4 October. Grade 6 Cambridge check point is from 7 to 25 October. The internal school exam calendar will be provided in due course.



We are still humbled and excited to inform you that Mother Touch Junior is to be awarded the Secretary’s Bell Award this year. A date will be given for the official celebration and will advise you.

Our 2 000-seater school auditorium is now at an advanced stage. We are confident that with God’s grace, it should be completed before end of year.


Mrs Karuma has left the institution after serving a term’s notice to join her family. She has been with us since 2013.  We wish her well. Mrs Karikoga left on short notice. The school takes this opportunity to introduce new staff joining the family third term. Mr Dhlandhlara is taking the grade 5 Blue, while Mrs Chibaya will be taking grade 1 white. The school also engaged Mrs Coid a seasoned deportment, Grooming and etiquette coach and also a choir mistress.

We are looking forward to have a wonderful and fruitful time with them as they join a vibrant team which strives for excellence at all times.


These were well done and always attach their success to you parents. They give moments of relaxing and leaners enjoy them. Thank you for adhering to the dress code and providing all requirements outlined for the civvies.



Trip Date Deposit date 50% Final payment due date Fee
Nyanga –Grade 5 20-22 September 30August 13 September 150US (ZWL$ equivalent)
Leadership 18-20 October 18 September 11 October 100 US
Grade 7- Nyanga camp 18-20 October 18 September 4 October 100 US (ZWL$ equivalent)
ECD TRIP-Mazoe 20 November 31 October 15 November 15 US (ZWL$ equivalent)
UK Tour 2020 1July Dec -200USD MID–JUNE 2020 2 700US


Our speech and prize giving day is going to be on 8 November 2019 from 9am -1pm. It is a very crucial event on our school calendar and we urge all parents to be part of this day. We are appealing to our parents for assistance in cash or kind. Our areas to be assisted include decoration, food, catering, prizes and others so as to make this day special and a great success. Your presence is also most welcome.


Kindly be advise that statements and reports for grade 3, 4 5, 6 and 7 have been send on your emails. Grade 1, 2 and ECDs are still work in progress and should be send by Friday 16 August. any queries on statements or for not receiving reports after Friday 16 August kindly call the Reception on 0773596161, 0719596161, or 0719596161.


As a School, we strive to continue working diligently to bring out the best in our learners. However, we need parents’ support to produce expected excellent results. We expect fees to be paid before schools open for the smooth running of our school. Non-payment of fees on time has negative, emotional and psychological effect on our learners.

We also thrive to keep our staff members motivated and provide the necessary resources so as to produce the expected excellent results. As a school, we have no other sources of income except the fees and levies. Kindly note our fees for term 3 2019 will remain at 5 200 ZWL$ for all who will pay before schools open, and 10% discount for full cash payments. The fees are subject to change after schools open. Kindly also note that no child will be admitted into class with previous term balance or without paying the current term fees.

We are ever grateful to all parents/guardians who pay fees and levies on time.

Our banking account details for fees and levies are as follows: Mother Touch Group of Schools, CBZ Selous Branch, and Account number: 11123814680015 for ZWL$. Kindly ensure you bring your deposit slip within 3 days for receipting and updating the child’s account on time.

Swipe and Ecocash payments are accepted at the school front office. Please note that the government is charging 2% for every transaction we make. Therefore, there will be a charge of 5% for depositing money into the wrong account. All refunds you initiate will attract 10% charge.

For more enquiries kindly call 0719596161 / 0773596161 or visit our website: www.mothertouch.ac.zw. Our email address: juniorschoolbursar@mothertouch.ac.zw

In conclusion, we wish to thank all parents and guardians for choosing MTGS for the education of our learners and for the continued support to the school. May God continue blessing the Mother Touch family.

Thank you.

For and on behalf of Mother Touch Junior School 

Mrs R Hwata

Acting Head.