Dear Parents/Guardians

On behalf of Mother Touch Junior School (MTJS) it is my sincere hope that I find you all well. Once again, this is the time I update you on the school’s activities of the first term through this newsletter. It is surprising how time flies as already the first term has come to an end which was cut short due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I pray and wish us all safety through this deadly Coronavirus phase. Let us do all due diligence and follow all precautions to help our learners and yourselves safe. Help them keep in mind that these ways of keeping safe from the Coronavirus are essential.

Due to the early and unpredicted closing the school has come up with the following strategies for continued teaching and learning.

  • The school will use Broadcast WhatsApp platforms to send work and tutorials to the learners.
  • In addition the school has availed the use of Google classroom (through the Edmodo e-learning platform) to enable teachers to teach new concepts.
  • Grade 6 and 7 vacation school will be conducted on line through Google classroom. Homework and online lessons will be given and we encourage parents to help learners work at home through online Google classroom. Online lessons will be conducted every Wednesday at 1300hrs to 1400hrs. Parents are encouraged to invest on buying lap tops for their children.
  •  How to join the Edmodo e-learning platform (as a learner/ student)

1. Obtain a class/group code from the class teacher. (Codes will be sent by the class teacher)

2. Go to the Mother Touch Group of Schools website homepage and click E learning.

3. Fill in the registration form as student with the class/group code, a unique username, and password.

An email address is not required to sign up for a student account.

4. Select the Sign up for FREE button to complete the sign up process.

If your class/group code is unlocked, you will then see the class/group your teacher created in the left panel of your account.

Note: You only need one student account to join all your classes/groups!

 Parents are encouraged to ensure learners get their work and not miss the assigned activities.

As a school we have embarked on the 21st century teaching where a child is on the epitome of learning. We have purchased laptops for the teachers and interactive smart boards for the learners. We are encouraging parents to buy learner’s 2 in one Tablet PC with the following specifications: –

  • Quad Core processer
  • Dust Proof
  • Crush Proof (70 cm drop)
  • Micro USB
  • 32Gig SD card for extended memory
  • Inbuilt E Learning Software’s

The tablet can be purchased through the school for 430USD or if you can get it anywhere cheaper please kindly go ahead as it seems that there may be no turning back in terms of IT and online teaching and learning.

Teachers, parents and learners alike must gear up so that pleasing results for Grades 6 Cambridge and Grade 7 ZIMSEC are obtained by year end.

Kindly note that next term’s opening date will be advised according to Government instruction.

Allow me to take you through the first term’s events and activities.

Events for the term 1

Meet the teacher

Meet the teacher was a successful event.  94% of parents came up to meet their children’s new grade teachers discussing the needs and requirements expected from the parents.


Inter house athletics competitions

The event took place at the National Sports Stadium as our sports field is going under heavy maintenance and upgrading. Parents came out in their big numbers to support their children’s teams. Falcon the Sky Blue made it once more scooping that 1st position. Eagle and Turtle Dove coming second and third respectively. Well done Falcon and the other teams for working diligently and participating well in the event.

Educationist Primary Schools Association (EPSA) athletics competitions-

The EPSA competitions were suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Golf day- The Golf day was postponed to a date yet to be advised.

Allied arts

This was yet another year of quality performance at the Eistateford musical competition. This year around the school was represented by the ECD B learners. The little ones made us proud as they staged a splendid performance and scooped a first grade award. They are our shining stars. Many thanks to Mrs Coid, Mr Maneswa and Ms Msvodza for the excellent work.      

Career Expo 2020

The career expo was such an exciting and successful event held on our civvies day. Our learners had a chance to come face to face with professionals from their dream occupations. This is part of our school curriculum to ensure thorough teaching and guidance on occupations and professions is availed to inspire and help learners work diligently and stay focused.

 Many thanks go to the parents for dressing our learners accordingly.

The facilitators

Allow us to appreciate all our facilitators who also happen to be our own parents, they took time off their busy schedules to be with the learners and worked diligently to inspire the learners. This will be an annual event and parents are encouraged to partner with us and continue to inspire our learners to work diligently and stay focused.

International tours

United Kingdom tour (1-13 July 2020)

The tour is meant to give an exposure and an appreciation of the global village to our learners. The tour will be the fifth of its nature and will cost 2700US$ which covers air tickets, visa, accommodation, activities, transport and or flights around the UK and Europe and other logistics. The tour is a life changing experience as learners who have undertaken it have testified. As MTJS, we urge all parents to support this noble idea and pay for the tour to ensure their children experience this one-in-a life time opportunity. We are hopeful that the trip will be successful.

Local trips

Our educational trips are scheduled tentatively as follows:

Grade Destination Cost (USD) Date
ECD Marimba & Tynwald Greenwood Park $15 27 July
Grade 1 Airport and  Benjis $30 9 June
Grade 1-3 Vic falls Airport & Rain forest $30 15 June
Grade 2 Museum and king fisher $30 16 June
Grade 3 Great Zimbabwe $170 19-21 June
Grade 4 Victoria Falls $350 19-21 June
Grade 5 Nyanga $170 19-21 July
Grade 6 Kariba $250 29July-1 August
Grade 7 camp $100 28-31 October

Grade 1 and 2 trips were postponed to these tentative dates due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Winter uniform

As we get into the winter season both boys and girls wear navy blue trousers, sky blue long sleeved shirts and blazers. The blazer is compulsory every Monday.

Fees and levies

and levies

We thrive to keep our staff members motivated and to provide necessary resources to attain the expected excellent results. The school has no other source of income except the fees and levies. Fees and levies must be paid before schools open to avoid any inconveniences. We are ever grateful to all parents and guardians who pay fees on time. Our banking account details are as follows: Mother Touch Group of Schools, CBZ SELOUS Branch, account number: 11123814680015. Cash, swipe and/ or Ecocash payments are accepted at the school office. Please ensure you collect the learner’s admission card upon payment or production of proof of such. The admission card will act as express cards to enter the school gates, classrooms and any other school facilities.  For enquiries kindly call 0773 596 161, 0719 596 161 or visit our website: Our email address:

Enjoy the holidays and looking forward to being with you next term for yet another fun filled learning term.

Yours faithfully R.HWATA