It is with great pleasure and honor that I, on behalf of Mother Touch Group of schools (M.T.G.S) welcome you to our school of excellence.

Mother Touch was established in 1996, laid on a sure, tried and tested foundation (Isaiah 28vs16), and birthed through prayer. Started from very humble beginnings as an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre in New Marimba, Harare, Zimbabwe. Today, we are proud that we have grown and become the most sought, comprehensive learning institution comprising of elite E.C.D centres, Junior and Senior schools, as well as Tertiary Education soon to be established. We now celebrate 21 years of passionately providing excellent educational services. We never take this for granted, but we are so grateful to God for taking us this far, and to all our stakeholders who have believed in us and supporting the vision.

Our mission as MTGS is to create a conducive teaching and learning environment that is geared towards producing well rounded, grounded, God fearing, responsible, innovative, young leaders capable of developing solutions to life’s challenges and make a difference wherever they go. We are guided by the following VALUES:love, integrity, diligence, collaboration, excellence and professionalism. Our motto remains, “Excellence” in everything we do as an institution..

As the founder and CEO of MTGS, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the achievements that we have had so far as an institution. The word of God in Psalms 127:1 says,“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it…”. M.T.G.S is God breathed, living, growing and a dynamic organisation. We are so grateful that God has been at the centre of all our activities from the institution’s inception to the present day

MTGS has grown to be the leading educational hub from ECD to High School level, where we nurture, and groom learners to become competent individuals not only in the country, but across the globe, with most of them excelling and graduating from top universities in the world. Our “brand” is well equipped to take charge of themselves and life challenges, touching lives and making the world a better place to live.

MTGS has over the past years been experiencing unprecedented growth in several aspects such as enrolment, staffing, infrastructure, educational standards and quality of our learners’ results amongst others. This has been compounded by the fact that we have an excellent and exceptionally rich and wide curriculum, conducive learning environment, well qualified, experienced staff and state of the art infrastructure and equipment, to mention just a few.


In addition to Zimsec curriculum, we offer Cambridge, Microsoft, HEXCO, amongst others, so as to integrate, enrich, enhance and facilitate holistic learning and development to produce the extra ordinary young leaders equipped with relevant skills that empower them to be competent and relevant to the global village. We have continued to increase and diversify our curriculum to impart life skills that go beyond the classroom such as Entrepreneurship, Artificial and Financial intelligence, and offer wide range of Practical and Science subjects. We also offer foreign Languages like Chinese and French to allow our learners to fit in the global arena. We have also made sizeable investments to ensure that our schools have excellent ICT equipment and requirements to enable our learners to be conversant with technological trends to participate in the 21st century learning and development, connect and partner with other local, regional and international learners, sharing ideas during lesson and other times for relevance and success.MTGS also offers world class Sporting facilities that cater for several disciplines such as Athletics, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball amongst others. Plans are underway to introduce other disciplines such as Baseball. We also offer a wide range of relevant Extra Curricular activities such as Clubs, Arts to foster leadership, communication and other life skills. In addition, our learners get the opportunity to participate in several national, regional and international musical festivals like, the Elite Combined Schools Choir, National and international Musical Eisteddfod, and others. Our rich and wide curriculum caters for each individual learner and promote holistic learning and development from ECD to Senior School.


The school is continuously increasing in terms of infrastructure, facilities and acquiring state of the art equipment to support the wide curriculum. We have managed to create a conducive environment that is safe, exciting, engaging and encourages creativity and innovation to enhance holistic development of the learner. MTGS has an environment that, both the parents and learners are proud to be part of. Our state of the art infrastructure encompasses four double storey classroom blocks, each block consisting of eight classrooms, an administration block, and warm, homely boarding facilitie with 2 hostels, namely ‘Bethel’ for boys and ‘Gebeon’ for girls. We also have ‘Mount Zion’, our group of Schools Chapel which is meant to foster and enhance spiritual growth to our learners. As the word of God clearly commands us in Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the right way and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ This will enable us to produce a God fearing successful generation with godly wisdom. We are also in the process of completing a1500 seater school auditorium. The Skills centre is one of our upcoming major project that will greatly cater for the learner’s needs and foster holistic development for relevance and success. Also upcoming is the ‘Garden of Eden’ that will provide a conducive beautiful, fresh, and healthy environment with excellent landscape, beautiful wide variety of flowers, organic, exotic and indigenous fruit trees, herbs and vegetables to list just a few. All this to benefit the learner and Mtgs with health food and fresh environment.


Our staff compliment and retention has continuously increased and improved. Not only have we increased in quantity but also in quality by engaging more qualified, experienced, committed, competent and diligent staff across the board for the growth and development of the learner. In addition, we have ensured that our workforce remains highly motivated to diligently carry out its duties by establishing systems that reward diligence, teamwork, innovation and continuous development for value addition and relevance in the 21st century teaching and learning. Our staff remain our greatest and most valuable strategic resource that has, and will enable us to achieve our desired goals and results.


The parents of our learners have been our other strong pillar for the growth and success of MTGS. Their unwavering support and belief in our vision has enabled us to be the great educational institution that we are today. The parents’ unshakable loyalty to our numerous educational events, activities and requirements has benefited the learner and school at large. We are deeply grateful to our learners’ parents for the collaboration and commitment that promotes development of our young leaders. We hope the partnership will continue as it provides opportunities to identify individual learner’s talents and take a step further to develop and nurture these in and outside school for excellence and success in life.


As a school we have managed to produce excellent results academically and non-academically and this has been evidenced by several national, regional and international awards received. These include;

  • -> Best E.C.D model Centre in district and province 2015-2016, by Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Provincial Merit Awards’
  • -> 100% grade 7 results 2014-2016 by Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Provincial Merit Awards.
  • -> Well maintained Group Of schools 2013-2016 Provincial Merit Awards
  • -> Award Winner of Social Responsibility Excellence (Harare Metropolitan Province
  • -> 1st runner up Company of the year 2016-2017 by Standards Association of Zimbabwe.
  • -> The Group of Schools from E.C.D to High school 2017 by Business Leadership Awards.
  • -> 2nd place Instrumental Ensemble Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod Wales, UK. 2016- 2017

The above reflects some of the areas in which our institution has been recognised for exhibiting excellence. We have continued to raise the flag not only for our school or just country, but for the whole continent of Africa at Llangollen International Musical Festival. This has become one of our annual events open to all learners from ECD to Senior school for exposure and growth


Whilst we celebrate our success story as an institution, we however remain cognisant of the challenges that we have and continue to grapple with. We remain grateful to God who has continued to be faithful to us in our resolve to build our institution and bring it to fruition. We continue to be dedicated, focussed, and take responsibility of the future to achieve our vision and ensure MTGS becomes the most preferred comprehensive international educational institution.

As we go through 2018 we intend to grow further through God’s grace, diligence, teamwork, and excellence in all we do. Whatever challenges we may face, we remain steadfast in our commitment, as we believe challenges make us stronger, wiser and better. The future looks brighter for us as MTGS family. We have declared 2018 as a year of seeking self-identity, for empowerment and continuous development of the learner, and major stakeholders to achieve excellent results.

Our vision as MTGS remains, to become the most preferred comprehensive International Educational Institution made up of elite E.C.D centres, Junior and Senior Schools as well as Tertiary Educational Centres across the Globe to equip learners for Greatness through the fear of God. With God’s grace, guidance and favour it is possible, and will be done. Gen 18:14 NKJV “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

On this note, I would once again want to thank all our stakeholders, who include our valued and supportive parents, learners, service providers, prospective clients, School Development Committee (SDC), Board of Directors, dedicated staff and management for the unwavering support. I wish you all a victorious, peaceful and blessed 2018.

Salome Mutsinze (Mrs)
Chief Executive Officer
Mother Touch Group of Schools.