Junior School – End of term 1 Newsletter

We had a very successful term 1 and we look forward to a much exciting term 2. However, to many of you, term 1 2019 is one to quickly forget. We are cognisant of the financial derailment caused by the increase in school and transport fees and we are sorry for the obvious inconvenience. The increase was inevitable, driven by the economic extreme shift and the desire to maintain the standard we are renowned for.

Cyclone Idai 

Our hearts remain with those who perished in catastrophic cyclone Idai. This has taught our children to sympathise and offer help to those in need, less privileged or desperate. We filled 8 sacks and a large suitcase with clothes and two large cardboard boxes with groceries which we delivered to Miracle Missions in Highlands for onward transmission to the victims.  

National Institute of Allied Arts (NIAA) 

This term we entered a choir in the National Institute of Allied Arts competitions. The choir carried the audience in ‘Ngoro Yeminana’ right through to a first class. We acknowledge the music department’s hard work. 


We had very successful inter house athletics where Eagle was third, Turtle Dove second and Falcon first. The infant sports day was memorable. Thank you parents for attending in numbers. There were calls to have it a sports and family day. We will consider that next year. At the EPSA inter schools meeting held at Borrowdale Primary School on Saturday the 6th, our team did well and came third after Shashi View and Borrowdale. We got the better of Wise Owl, St Michaels and Masaisai. The staff acknowledged that for the first time, we had resounding support from parents who followed us all the way to Borrowdale.  


The ECD and grade 1 and 2 classes had very successful tours to the Amusement Park and King Fisher respectively. Thank you for supporting them. The trips coming in term 2 are: 

7-9 June GRD 6 KARIBA 
21-23 June GRD 4 VIC FALLS 
02-04 August GRD 5 NYANGA 

Term 2 fees 

In term 2 we will not increase fees but maintain them as: 

Level  Type of fees US $ 
ECD A – B Tuition 200 
GRADE 1 – 7  Tuition 400  
GRADE 1 – 7 Cambridge  35  
GRADE 1 – 7 Bus Levy (once off)  65 
GRADE 1 – 7 Desk Levy (once off)  65 
ECD – 7 Registration (once off)  10 
Grade 1 – 7 only Lunch   65 
Grade 1 – 7 only  Boarding fees 400 

Fees paid in RTGS $ will be at that day’s prevailing rate. 

On another note we acknowledge our poor accounting system. We are doing our best to rectify it and we should be there by the end of April. We apologise for the long time that this has taken and for the inconveniences we have caused. 

You may pay your fees at school or deposit into our CBZ NOSTRO account below. 


Please note that once you make a deposit at the bank, you have to bring the proof of payment to school so that we may issue you a receipt. Also note that a deposit into the wrong account will attract 10% surcharge while a refund initiated by you attracts 5% surcharge. 

Optional services 

We have requested you, through a tear off, to indicate the optional services that you want us to offer your child(ren). If you have not yet doe so please do so through your child’s class teacher. Please note that in future from term 2, due to the overwhelming demand for optional services, preference will be given to those who have cleared their fees in full.  


I received several enquiries on the Cambridge Curriculum we are offering. Cambridge, as ZIMSEC, is a compulsory curriculum and runs from stage 1 to stage 6, equivalent of grade 1 to grade 6.  Subjects offered are English, Maths and Science. They write their final exam, Checkpoint, at stage 6.  

Why Cambridge? 

  • Should you relocate to a different country there won’t be need to move a grade up or down. 
  • It provides good foundation and helps transition into secondary school. 
  • It enriches learners with critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication skills. 

What does Cambridge mean at Mother Touch? 

  • USD $35, 00 per term to cover the cost of text books which are personal and examination fees. 
  • Current grade sixes are our pioneers. 
  • Cambridge curriculum is taught to all children but books and Checkpoint to those who would have paid for them. 

Winter term 

Next term, which begins on 7 May 2019 ushers in the winter. Learners put on their winter uniform which comprises navy blue slacks, long sleeved blouses and white ankle length socks for girls, navy blue trousers, long sleeved shirts and blue knee length stockings for boys. Winter jerseys and floppy hats apply to both. As usual, they all come in their track suits on Wednesdays. Please note that winter uniform is compulsory, should always be clean and of the right fit.  

End of term reports and holiday assignments 

You should receive your child’s end of term report, through your email by Friday 19 April 2019. If you don’t, please get in touch with the school. Children are given holiday assignments to keep them in touch with school work. This should be spread throughout the holiday and not rushed in the first or last week of the holiday. 

We are reachable on 0773 596 161, 0719 596 161, 0712 800 158 and 0732 596 161

I wish the children a restful holiday. 

Pamire A 


Mother Touch Junior School 

Download the newletter as PDF here.