A school is an institution responsible for educating children and grooming them into constructive, productive and socially upright individuals. It is with this consideration that most parents find it very difficult to choose the right school fit for their children. One question that parents find themselves battling with is whether their child should be a day scholar or a boarder. School contributes a larger percentage on the type of individual your child becomes so we do get it, it’s a much needed need to fuss about the type of school your child goes to. But fear not for below we have outlined the points to consider when choosing the type of school for your child.

Boarding School 

If money isn’t an object for you, and you want your child to be totally immersed in an educational environment, and/or you have a busy career yourself, boarding school has much to offer and it’s worth seriously considering it.  Choosing between a boarding or day school is an issue which is guided by factors like family financial status, work commitments and distance to a preferred school. The advantages of boarding school are: 

  • it comes with a built-in social life, 
  • has a round to clock education and development
  • promotes independence by cultivating self reliance. 
  • If preferred school is far and the times do not merge with your work schedules then choosing a boarding school would be more ideal.
  • Also, if your child loves being involved in extracurricular activities then with no doubt boarding school would be perfect. This is  because boarding schools  have a responsibility to keep children busy most of the time. 

However, on the downside:

  • good boarding schools can be significantly expensive
  • and as a parent you might feel less involved in your child’s upbringing.

Day School

If the thought of putting your child at a certain boarding school is expensive to you then boarding school is not the right option for your child. One can look for a day school that offers quality education at an amount they can afford. Aside from the affordability of day schools in comparison to good boarding schools the advantages of day school are,

  •  parents get to spend more time with their children and get to build an emotional connection with them. 
  • When selecting a day school you have the option to select one closest to home  provided it offers quality education. 
  • If prefered school is far and  you have a busy schedule, you can select a school that offers transportation. That way you can still get on with your life and still get to see your child every night. 

The disadvantage of day school is that:

  •  when it comes to extracurricular activities and social development parents have to look into boosting these outside school hours and this can turn out to be costly and require a lot of commitment.

Ultimately, the decision on where your child goes to school, depends much on your family circumstances, personal preferences and on the personalities involved. Remember your child’s opinion matters, too, let this decision be discussed as a family before choosing. Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of both boarding school and day school before making a decision.

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