Dear Parents/Guardians

On behalf of Mother Touch Junior School, I want to thank the Lord for carrying us through into 2020.We are excited that this is our 10th anniversary as Junior School.  This can only be possible through God’s grace and your continued support. We are looking forward to an epic event packed 2020.

As we go into the events of the term, allow me to welcome new staff members. This is due to the increase in enrolment and a few resignations. These new staff members are Mrs. Chibika, Mr. Matarise, Mrs Mhaka, Mr Maneswa and Mrs Kamonera and as assistant teachers, Ms. Muzondo, Ms. Vhurumu and Mrs. Chaira. They are all remarkable teachers, experts in their respective fields. We also wish to bid our goodbyes to Mrs Masanga and Mrs. Dhlandlara. Mrs Sterling also left the school on health reasons we wish her a speedy recovery.


Be advised that this term learners should put on summer uniform. . Let’s always ensure our children are in proper complete clean and neat Mother Touch uniform. The school has all the uniforms in stock

School hours

We open our gates at 06.30

Lessons start at 07.00

None academic activities (like Sports, Clubs, music and Art) – 14.00-15.30 (Monday – Thursday.)

School finishes at 15.30 (Monday- Thursday) and 1300hrs -Friday

NB Office hours are from 0800 to 1600 hrs. (Monday to Friday)


Be advised that the school offers hot and nutritious meals to day scholars at a fee of $2000ZWL, MTGS’ mandate is “healthy eating, healthy mind for success.’’ Note that we offer limited places for lunch due to limited facilities.


Homework is given daily and parents are encouraged to be actively involved and assist children with homework. This is a way for you not to only interact with your child but also a way for you to assess their academic development and growth.

Cambridge syllabus

Cambridge remains part of our curriculum, our learners last year did well, a big well done to them and their hard working teachers. This year we expect even better results. Please continue supporting these future leaders.

Events planned for the term

Prefect investiture

Events like investiture ceremonies are momentous school functions for laying the foundation of the culture which eventually churn out future leaders. We will acknowledge and applaud student leadership on this day. The date is set for 24th of January 2020.

Meet the teacher

Meet the teacher will be held on (31/01/2020)  the highly anticipated event will offer a platform for two way communication, parents will come and meet their child’s class teacher, hear and get to know about the child’s learning and development and areas of concern that need parents involvement for excellent results.  

Meet the teacher Vic Falls will be held on 4 February 2020.

Career Guidance

We will host career guidance on the 6th of March 2020. This is a platform where every learner will have the opportunity to meet and interact with diverse professionals and enable them to identify and be inspired at a tender age. This will promote focus and diligence for success.  We want to equip the learners with knowledge that is beyond the attire they think is associated to their career and show them professions they never knew existed.

Civvies Day

The school holds at least three civvies days per term as part of enhancing curriculum and fundraising for some of our small projects. The learners are expected to adhere to given dress codes which at times may be quite challenging but exciting. For this term each child will need to pay $5.00 on the following set civvies dates, also the dress codes are to be followed.

Friday 31 January 2020 – Jeans and t-shirt

Friday 27 March 2020 – The bunny (an old time favorite please see the picture below

The Bunny

Friday 28 February 2020 – Wig/ Toupee (Below is an example of what a toupee looks like)


Exeat weekend is on 19 -21 February 2020.

Local trips

We pride ourselves in giving our learners exposure, we want them to see the world but we believe before they see the world they need to tour their country and appreciate the beauty in it before they can appreciate other countries. This also allows them the opportunity to identify gaps in our economy and technology and to mold them into entrepreneurs with a different perspective. Below are a few pictures from past trips.

Air Zimbabwe

Our upcoming educational trips are scheduled as follows:

Grade/ Level Date Venue Term  USD equivalent
All Boarders 07-03-2020 Botanic Garden 1 0.00
ECD 02-04-2020 Kefalos via Pespi 1 15.00
ECD 05-08-2020 Twala Goromonzi 2 15.00
ECD 01-12-2020 Imire Marondera 3 15.00
Vic Falls ECD 26-03-2020 Crocodile Farm, Rain Forest and Boat Cruise 1 15.00
Vic Falls Infant 26-03-2020 Airport, Rain Forest and Boat Cruise 2 30.00
Grade 1 18-03-2020 Airport,and Benjies 1 30.00
Grade 2 25-03-2020 Museum and Tree house 1 30.00
Grade 3 29- 31-05-2020 Great Zimbabwe 2 170.00
Grade 4 19-21-06-2020 Vic Falls 2 350.00
Grade 5 16—19-10-2020 Nyanga 3 170.00
Grade 6 19-21-06-2020 Kariba 2 250.00
Grade 7 16- 19-10-2020 TBA 3 TBA
Leadership TBA Mazvikadei 3 100.00
All grades 01-06-2020 to 13-06-2020 UK tour 2 2 700

International trips

The Llangoleen Eistford Musical festival in Wales our annual trip is scheduled for the 1st of July 2020. The trip fare is $ 2 700 USD which covers Visas, airfare, accommodation, transport, meals, and road transport. Minimum deposit of $500 USD should be paid by end of January. This is our 5th year participating on this amazing platform and we expect a bigger and better tour for 2020. For more information, we urge you all to visit or call our office on 0773596161 or visit the website.

Dubai Expo

We are also delighted to inform you that we will participate in the Dubai 2020 expo from October 2020 to March 2021. We will organize a weeklong tour for learners at different levels and in different grades.  The trip is pegged at USD $ 1 700. This will include Visas, airfare, accommodation, transport, food and other costs.  This is a world show and an opportunity not to be missed.

South Africa trip (Aviation career guidance)

This is an internship program were we intend to visit Loutzavia flight school and South African Airport, we are trying to accommodate all parents and give each child a memory they will always treasure, please keep tuned in for more details. The main focus of this trip is to broaden the horizons of those interested in future Aviation or flight crew jobs, they will get to interact and observe their role models at work and have the whole flight experiments procedure and protocol. This trip cost is pegged at USD $ 1 000 USD to cover air fares, road transport, food, accommodation, activities and any other costs.


Ms Mabandhla is now in charge of the Sporting department. You are encouraged to ensure all children are in clean, complete and correct MTGS sports attire. Term one will focus on athletics and the ever fun inter house competitions on the 31st of March 2020. You are encouraged to come and support you’re your child’s team. Dress code- TEAM COLOURS. (Turtle Dove –Gold, Falcon –Sky blue and Eagle –Navy blue)


  VIC FALLS (20 March 2020)         

Harare ECD, Grade 1 and 2 will be battling for championship on 13 March 2020.  Parents are kindly advised to come dressed in the children’s team colours: Marimba (GREEN), Tynwald (RED) then Grade 1 and 2 in their house colours. Turtle Dove –Gold, Falcon –Sky blue and Eagle –Navy blue. A lot of exciting activities will be provided like jumping castle, horse riding and parents/guardians races.  Let us come and support our children’s teams to build confidence in them.         


Tuition Fees Grade 1-7 12 500
  Fees ECD 6 250
2020 NEW ENROLMENTS Grade 1 (once-off payment) AMOUNT $ ZWL RTGS
Registration fee      250

Desk and Stationery Levy   1 625
Bus Levy   1 625
OPTIONAL 1st come 1st serve AMOUNT $ ZWL RTGS
Boarding Fee   12 500
Transport Fee     2 750
Lunch Junior School    2  000

Please kindly be advised to pay all fees, transport, uniforms and all other requirements on or before schools open using the school bank account (Account Name: Mother Touch Group of Schools, Branch: SELOUS, Account Number: 11123814680015). Please bring PROOF OF PAYMENT TO THE BURSAR’S OFFICE within 48 hours for capturing to avoid inconveniences. Other payment methods include SWIPE AND ECO CASH (BILLER CODE *151*2*3*48628*amount*your phone number#) OR CASH. Please note that all outstanding fees should be paid up before opening day. These include tuition fees, levies, and others. For inquires please use the following respective contact numbers:

  1. Junior School Reception 0773 596 161/ 0732 596 161
  2. Administrator  0771 681 257 / 0717 007 675
  3. Junior School Head 0774 947 200
  4. Site manager 0717 006 257/ 0734 469 717/ 0712 800 158

Note that we provide transport in places like Town, Avondale, Westgate, Marlbereign, Marlbrough, Westlea, Kuwadzana, Dzivaresekwa, Glaudina, Glenview, Budiriro, Mufakose, Glennorah and Highfields,  at a cost of ZW$2750 per term.

May I take this moment on behalf of the school, to wish you all and the children a prosperous and peaceful 2020.  We look forward to working well together.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

R. HWATA (Mrs.)

Acting Head