A school is an institution responsible for educating children and grooming them into constructive, productive and socially upright individuals. It is with this consideration that most parents find it very difficult to choose the right school fit for their children. One question that parents find themselves battling with is whether their child should be a day scholar or a boarder. School contributes a larger percentage on the type of individual your child becomes so we do get it, it’s a much needed need to fuss about the type of school your child goes to. But fear not for below we have outlined the points to consider when choosing…


Signs That Your Child Is Stressed & How To Help Them.

Ever noticed your child being moody or throwing tantrums and thought they were just acting out and brushed it aside or worse off, thought they needed a hiding? Well we are sure most of us have, but brushing it aside or using aggression might very well be one of the worst mistakes we have made. This is because kids get stressed out too and sadly might not be mature enough to express their stressful situations.  Stress is when physical and emotional factors cause tension mentally and bodily, and oftentimes children cannot recognise these anxiety causing factors.