Senior School – End of term 1 Newsletter

Parents and guardians, on behalf of Mother Touch Group of Schools,(MTGS ) I hope I find you well. We thank God for taking us this far together in our efforts to holistically educate and develop our children. Our enrolment has grown and we are ever grateful that you chose us for the education of your children. We are delighted with the increase in our curriculum and the addition of new subjects like Science at A Level, Chinese and Driving School.  PAST EVENTS  MEET THE TEACHER  85% of our parents heeded the call to come to meet the teachers. This interaction is very important and we urge all parents…


Junior School – End of term 1 Newsletter

We had a very successful term 1 and we look forward to a much exciting term 2. However, to many of you, term 1 2019 is one to quickly forget. We are cognisant of the financial derailment caused by the increase in school and transport fees and we are sorry for the obvious inconvenience. The increase was inevitable, driven by the economic extreme shift and the desire to maintain the standard we are renowned for. Cyclone Idai  Our hearts remain with those who perished in catastrophic cyclone Idai. This has taught our children to sympathise and offer help to those in need, less privileged or desperate. We filled…