Dear Parents / Guardians

Welcome dear parents and guardians to our second term of 2019.  The term is packed with lots of exciting activities and developments which we wish to share with you. 

Kindly read and diarise the events we have lined up for the term and in case you lose this note, visit our website and download another copy.


28 June 2019 OVERCOATS
26 July 2019 TRACKSUITS

Each individual child is expected to pay $3 towards each Civvies and activities.  Learners are expected to come to school dressed according to the above themes on the respective dates.   


Grade One 2020 assessment shall be held on Saturday the 15th of June 2019 at 0900 hrs.  Registration is already in progress at Junior School and the requirements are as follows:

  1. Copy of birth certificate.
  2. Copy of ECD B report.
  3. 2 passport sized photos.
  4. RTGS $50 registration fee.

There is an early bird fee of RTGS$20 for learners already at Mother Touch if payment is made before the 31st of May 2019

  All learners should be dressed in their respective school uniforms.


Kindly be advised that consultation day for all Harare ECDs will be on the 20th June 2019, ECD Victoria Falls will be in third term. We are asking for your continued support on this consultation days as we give you feedback on the development and performance of our learners. Consultation time will either be from 6:30 am to 8:30am and we break for lessons, or be at 1330 Hours to 1430 Hours


 We would also like to advise parents and guardians of our exciting event ‘Siblings Day’.  All our enrolled learners will bring their siblings to school and enjoy exciting activities such as face painting, music and dance, jumping castle as well as culture meal scheduled for the day. Our children will get to know and experience a day under the guidance of our seasoned teachers. A fee of RTGS$3 per each sibling should be paid a week before the day.


Culture refers to the activities of a particular group of people. Activities may include language, dressing, way of living, music, literature, foods, visual arts and many others. Our school understands the importance of cultural preservation. Therefore, we will have culture meals on the dates below. Several traditional dishes will be served for our children to taste and get to appreciate our Zimbabwean culture.

31 May 2019 Mupunga nedovi
28 June 2019 Manhanga
26 July 2019 Mbambaira


Please be advised that we will break for Exeat weekend on the 21st  to 24th of June 2019. Lessons will end on Thursday 20th  of June resuming on Tuesday 25th of June 2019.


Outdoor learning is very critical for ECD learning and development, therefore we have organised a trip to Mwanga Lodges for Harare ECDs on the 31st of July 2019 for a fee of US$15 is required by the 26th of July 2019 to ensure logistics are in place. Vic Falls ECD will go to Crocodile Farm and Victoria Falls International Airport in 3rd term for US$15. Our learners will have the opportunity for a real-life experience in the areas they will have recently learnt.


The trip to Europe will be held from the 1st to the 13th of July 2019.  The learners will participate in an international music festival in Wales, meet with people from across the world. They will also tour other parts in UK like London and participate in several activities like London eye, Madame Tussauds to list a few. This is a lifetime experience and the learner will never be the same.  The trip fee is US$2 700 per learner to cover air ticket, visa and accommodation, insurance, food, transport around UK and Europe and other logistics. Kindly be advised that registration for 2020 tour is in progress. To register you are required to pay a deposit of US$100 by the end of July.


These have been maintained as follows:

Level  Type of fees USD or Prevailing Bond Rate
ECD A – B Tuition Termly 200 USD
ECD A-B Transport 135 USD

Fees paid in RTGS $ will be at that day’s prevailing rate. Hence parents are encouraged to check for the daily rate before making RTGS payments. Please note that once you make an RTGS at the bank, you have to bring the proof of payment to school within 48 hours so that we may issue you with a receipt and update learner’s account. Also note that a deposit into the wrong account will attract 10% surcharge while a refund initiated by you attracts 10% surcharge.


MONDAY & FRIDAY Dress Set / Boys Set/ Winter wear
TUESDAY & THURSDAY Class colour (work-suit)
WEDNESDAY T-shirt and red short for Tynwald and green short for Marimba (sports) + Tracksuit
THURSDAY Class colour and tracksuit  


Second term ends on the 7th August 2019. As always, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all parents for the love and support. It does not go unnoticed neither will it be taken for granted. We hope that our relationship continues to flourish as we strive for growth and excellence in our path to success.

All ECD queries and communication should be addressed to the following numbers

ECD MARIMBA                                          0733 835 382 /0716 305 052/ 0777 124 266

TIC                                                                 0733409938

Estate Manager for transport issues           0717 006 855 / 0734 469 717 /0712 800 158

For and on behalf of Mother Touch Group of Schools

Mrs Jaramba (TIC)